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Services for Oil and Gas Event Seekers
Event Seeker Services
We aim to take the stress out of training and development.

The below lists just some of the services currently on offer. However, we are working with Event Providers globally and have some interesting new developments in the pipeline which we will tell you about in due course.

There is no fee to you for using these services – naturally you would have to pay for events booked where applicable. All services are hosted on secure web servers with encryption of personal data.

Online Booking
You can book any event online and the Provider of the event will see your booking immediately. You can view your booking, event details and Providers Terms and Policies at any time. The Provider has the ability to communicate directly with you and you with them if you have any additional questions about your booking. Event providers will invoice you in their usual way and give you details of how to make payments for the events you have booked.

Tools to help you manage your Career Development
Use the filtering tools to review and compare a host of different types of events from classroom training to field based training, conferences, workshops etc. across a wide range of technical, commercial and managerial disciplines. Check out Free events and those that offer discounts. Select events of interest and make and track your booking.

Event Alert System
Take the pain out of career development – define your area of expertise and type of development you prefer. Sit back and the system will send you Alerts when events matching your criteria become live. You can define as many alerts as you like and if too many you can remove. From time to time, we may tell you about discounts from providers who are hosting events in your key areas of interest. You can always opt out of these emails if you prefer.

Event Wish list
Like Amazon, you can add scheduled events to your wish list and come back to them later. You can share your wish list with your boss. This may be a good idea especially if they are paying!

Events on Demand
There are a great deal of events in our industry that are not scheduled or published. Through our On-Demand System, Providers can publish these events and you can view. If they match your Alert System we will automatically tell you about them. You can express your interest and the Provider will communicate directly with you. This service enables you to not only influence the date/time/location of an event but also potentially the content.

Event Ratings
Like Amazon, we have a five star system so check out what others think about the event or Provider of the event before booking. After attending an event you will also get the opportunity to leave your feedback and ratings.

Online Cancellation
You can cancel a booking at any time and the Provider will immediately see the cancellation. However, just be careful to check out the Provider’s Cancellation Policy to remind you of any fees due.

Company Registered Seekers Booking Administration
In addition to above, as a Company registered seeker we have provided some tools to help you assess the effectiveness of events and help qualify your investment. We hope to add some additional analytics in due course and would welcome your feedback on what would support your training objectives.

We recognise that Managers today are overstretched and do not always have the time to investigate suitable events in the marketplace for their staff. We have provided the tools that enable your staff to undertake their own review and create a wish list of events to discuss with you.

As part of their Career Development, you can sit with them, review events they have attended, look at their feedback and the Providers feedback to asses if it was beneficial. In addition, you can review event details in their wish list and book on their behalf.

The system provides you with real-time information on the events attended by employees in your company, events that individuals would like to attend, and also events that are popular with your staff across your organisation. All of this hopefully helps you manage your Training Budget, buying power in the market, and of course the career development of your staff.

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