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Event Services for Oil and Gas
The below lists just some of the services currently on offer. We are constantly reviewing our offerings to support the marketing and administration of your events and are open to your suggestions for future developments.

All services are hosted on secure web servers with encryption of uploaded documents.

Global marketing of events
We will make your events visible to potential customers globally 24/7. In addition, your events will be automatically “pushed” to customers who have registered an interest in your event type and discipline, thereby delivering your event marketing direct to interested parties.

Events on demand
We have provided a capability to promote your unscheduled events to registered interested parties. We will push your event marketing to them and they can express an interest in it. You can communicate directly with all of the interested parties to co-ordinate a suitable date/time/location. This we think is a great solution to testing the market before investing in venues and trainers and also provides you with the ability to tailor the event to meet the needs of your interested parties.

Messaging Centre
Like LinkedIn, we have provided the capability to engage with your delegates directly. However, we enable you to engage not just with one individual at a time, but with multiple selected delegates; all from a past event; or all from a specific event schedule. So for example, you might wish to offer a discount to all past delegates who have attended your global drilling program, or some individuals or those that attended the Houston June 2015 event.

Online booking of events
Customers can book your events online at times that suit them, which could reduce your administration time and costs. With real time data, your event manager can check out who has booked for any event and communicate directly with them if needed and make informed decisions on cancelling events, offering discounts, increasing the number of places for the event etc.

Easy Event Setup
We recognise that you have time constraints and therefore we have tried to make the event setup process quick and simple. You can define the event, time schedule, cancellation policy, discount schemes, upload your terms, associate trainers and attach any marketing collateral that you feel appropriate. If it makes life easier we may be able to import your events from delimited files and then you can authorise the content before it is published on the site.

Trainer scheduling and management
We recognise that the ability to schedule trainers efficiently is vital. This service provides you with the ability to assign and review trainers and their schedules around the world and helps to ensure that your trainers are not double booked.

Discount scheme management
We have incorporated tools that will enable you to set-up discount codes so that you can offer privately to a preferred supplier for a particular event or events in general. You can also make these discounts public and set them as a certain percentage for a number of places booked between certain dates if required. This system offers a great deal of flexibility to support your sales revenue strategies. Discounts are offset against the total cost of an event booking and displayed in the invoice.

Cancellation fee scheme management
For global providers we thought it may be appropriate to have different cancellation polices especially if you are moving trainers around. We have allowed you to specify up to three cancellation schemes, and you can define which scheme is attached to your event. Where a booking is cancelled, the invoice will be adjusted in line with your cancellation policy for that event.

Financials and Invoicing Tools
After long debate with many providers, we have decided not to take payment via the site for bookings at this stage. However, we may in the future offer this service for those who wish to avail of it. We have allowed pricing to be detailed in five currencies i.e. GBP, USD, EUR, CAD, AUS and for local taxes to be added where applicable.

We recognise that many of you have your own invoicing system in place but we have provided an Invoicing capability which helps in tracking revenue generated, paid and unpaid. Each time a booking is made, an invoice is produced with all relevant information which you can send if you wish.

Event Ratings
Like Amazon, we operate a five star system. We provide facilities for your customers to post reviews of the events that they have attended which will be made public unless they do not comply with our strict content standards. Where we feel they do not comply, we will not publish them and you will have the opportunity to review and respond to the individual directly.

Questionnaire Centre
You have the ability to devise additional questions for your delegates to complete. This may be useful if you are trying to evaluate a new venue, course material, trainer etc. You can immediately see the answers but they are not made public. You could also use this facility to devise a multiple choice quiz to assess the learning of your delegates.

In addition, we can devise tailored online questionnaires for you. For example, you may wish to run a beta testing for your online course before launch. We can devise your questionnaire to push to all testers and you can view online.

User Administration/Security Centre
As there are financial implications, we have provided a high level of security for your account. You define your users and assign passwords and roles. We have 14 different roles and you can easily assign roles to your users. These range from the ability to set discount schemes; publish courses to reviewing financials.
    Additional Marketing Services
  • Featured Marketing - Have your name listed in the “Featured Company” Search Filter. This will then display all your associated events on the site plus Hot Event Marketing.
  • Hot Event Marketing – Have your name and logo listed on the home page with a link to your events on the site.
  • Targeted Marketing - direct marketing of your events to potential interested seekers on the Book-4 site and associated partner.

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