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A Webinar is transmitted over the internet. They are typically interactive and host audio and visual content. They may be recorded and then shared on the site under "Online Anytime" for anyone to access.

A Podcast is transmitted over the internet – however it is typically audio only. The audience can download and listen to it at any time.

If you plan to host an Event type not listed – please select “Other” and email to discuss the type.
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Not required – but can focus the reader. Examples: Those involved in defining HSE strategy– Geoscientists looking for a career in the IT/AI/ML fields – Geophysicists looking to gain a greater understanding of geomechanics in the QI process…
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Not required – Examples: Hear from leading specialists – Get a quick overview of what is meant by??? - Explore how XXX is being applied to XXX.
The company hosting the event
Although we are redirecting the event to your site – it is good to give people an idea as to how many may attend. Most internet technologies have a limited capacity. Also, depending on the level of audience interaction allowed you may wish to restrict to smaller groups. However, you can leave blank.
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