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Energy Training and Event Services
What is Book-4: Book-4 Limited is established as the first consolidated marketplace to showcase Training Courses and Events for the Energy Industries. It incorporates a host of functionality that mimics today’s buying patterns such as google type search capabilities, amazon style ratings, e-messaging, wish lists, alert system, 2-way feedback/reviews and much more. Events can be training (online, classroom, field), webinars, podcasts, lunch and learns, tutorials, competency based learning, mentoring, on demand events, conferences/exhibitions and more. And the good news is that it is FREE for all to use and Providers only pay a small percentage “Booking Fee” on successful bookings.

Background: Book-4 has been developed by Working Smart Limited – the Global Energy Recruitment Specialists. For 24 years Working Smart has provided contractors and staff to the Energy Industries. They were the first online recruitment company in the world for upstream Oil and Gas Industry and in 1996 they started to capture disciplines, skills, competencies and interests of candidates. This knowledge base of candidates across 186 countries provides a wealth of knowledge regarding current skills and the potential for training and development.

Why Book-4: The industry hosts a large supply of training and event Providers ranging from individuals to large training organisations. As we address this “Energy Transition” age, we recognise the requirement for varying skill sets. We also recognise that due to time and financial constraints and this new “Digital” age, there is an increased demand for online training and development. We recognise the need to capture knowledge (especially from our aging demographic), transfer it, build our graduate pipeline and prepare our middle management for executive level roles. In addition, there is a growing demand to adopt new technologies, improve efficiencies, and drive down costs.

Naturally, Book-4 will not address all of these challenges but we aim for it to improve collaboration across stakeholders, implement functionality for the capture and transfer of knowledge, provide tools that will improve efficiencies for searching events and managing bookings, and give all providers an equal opportunity to be seen in this global marketplace.

Is it purely advertising: No. Book-4 is a targeted marketing portal. By understanding the disciplines, skills and competencies we have the capability to push event materials directly to targeted users with specific needs and interests. Unlike a lot of advertising sites, we have provided the capability for our providers to directly engage with users and build long-lasting relationships with them.
    Who are we:
  • We are all Energy Industry Professionals with senior management having 20-30 years upstream oil and gas industry experience. All our staff has geoscience or engineering degrees.
  • We develop all our own technologies, which enables us to design and develop customised solutions for our clients. So if a Provider wishes to export data from our site or add additional functionality we can deliver quickly.
  • Our ethos is to constantly innovate, to understand and meet the changing demands of our industry and to provide solutions that help streamline processes whilst adding immense value to business objectives.
  • We are actively involved in the Energy industry – all our staff are members of leading societies, we exhibit at many industry events globally. The MD chairs and present at conferences, writes papers for industry journals, conducts and publishes industry research and is actively involved with supporting our societies.
    What do we aim to deliver:
  • For the Providers, we aim to raise the awareness and reputation of their events and in doing so raise their revenue!
  • For the Seekers of events, we aim to provide a consolidated window into the Energy Industry Event Market, thereby supporting their career development objectives.
  • For Company Managers, we aim to reduce the stress of staff training and development.
  • For our Industry Societies, we aim to continue to support them in advancing the science and education of our industry workforce.

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